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An owl in jeans!

October 4, 2011


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This one took me around 6 hours over 3 days, I saved some time by using a “secadic medium” which makes acrylic paints dry faster … very useful with the thick layers I keep on adding!

Materials: acrylic paints on a “jeans canvas”; I got the denim from an old pair of jeans and pasted it with an “acrylic wall size” to a wooden board, I primed it with 2 more layers of the wall size.

I really like how it turned out but looking back at it I wish I left some empty space for the denim material to show out rather than over-painting it.

That’s it for now, I have some other jeans canvases that you can find here if you’re interested:

Finally, pleaseΒ share! If you think this work is any good please help giving it some exposure, thanks πŸ™‚

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