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First: “7irz” what does that mean?

7irz an Arabic-English way to write what you would pronounce as “Hirz” but with much more emphasis on the “H” so that it comes from your throat rather than the roof of your mouth (two different letters in Arabic!) My name is Mohammad Hirzallah . . . the name Mohammad is too common in these parts . . . after a while you stop turning your head when someone calls “Mohammad” as a solution, my friends started calling me 7irz ! That’s that! Now me: I’m a doctor (a 2010 university of Jordan grad). My medical interests are neuroscience and its related fields. I’m very passionate about art and have recently summoned enough courage to start calling myself an “artist” and sharing my work with others . . . it kinda went downhill from there . . . now I blog!

Blogging topics? Art, medicine and random thoughts! I’m getting into photography and I hope to blog about that too some time!

Peace !

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