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The Iron man photo shoot … behind the scenes!

January 4, 2012

Post summary: get a mask, put on a lightstand or a flash to get the glowing eyes effect … for more details and photos read on…

The mask was created from paper by my brother using the “pepakura” method (google it if you’re interested!). I also had a new wireless flash trigger that I wanted to try… see the setup bellow:

A water container tapped to a container filled with water, on the other end I used a wire from a coat hanger, a flash (YN468), a wireless transmitter (Yongnuo RF-603), pieces of cardboard paper and rubber bands to bring them all together. I needed the wire from the coat hanger to bring the mask away from the flash because placing it directly on the flash resulted in a big ugly light spot.

Placed the mask on the flash setup (“on a stick” … got it 🙂 ? ) took it to a dark area, with the assistance of a friend (@iMadiD) and my trustee Canon 450D on f/11, iso 100 and a 1/200s exposure (fastest sync speed for my camera/flash combination) here is what I got:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Looking at this in retrospect I would have done it indoors … it was windy that night and the mask kept shaking (Madi had to keep it from flying away!), a smaller aperture could easily compensate for any ambient lighting indoors, I tried it!

I hope you enjoyed the most useless photography post ever :)! Use this trick with any mask you can think of … or use your imagination and use other objects, Thanks for reading!

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